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Double float

July 17, 2017

Today was a three and a half hour float. The 4th float I’ve had this month as part of a July Float Challenge I’m participating in. 

I relaxed quite quickly.  My breath became more and more extended until I I would get lost in the spaces between breath. How long would go by? 1 minute? 5 minutes? Time very slippery. 

Visual dreamlike lateral thinking in bright colours swirled in my vision. Like neural nets of thought association, each idea embedded in the other, like an infinite fractal lattice of thought 

Relaxing more and more I started hearing odd sounds, almost like a car driving with a window open. When I paid attention to it, it disappeared. A few minutes later it came back, but swept me up in it this time. It felt like I was being intensely rocketed through space. Almost felt like riding in a jetplane with no windshield to block the wind coming at you.  Similar to the accounts of the potent psychedelic compound N-N-Dimethyltryptamine. The force was strong, and swallowing became difficult. Managing to swallow after a bit took my focus out of the deep experience, and I was back in the tank. Unlike anything I’ve felt before. 

Out of the tank now I’m feeling deeply relaxed. Connection to  motivation I’ve  to get some work done I’ve wanted to for awhile. Moved past a level of the incessant mind-chatter and self-refrencing we constantly face. 

As I uncover deeper parts of myself through methods like floating , my focus keeps shifting more and more to what I want to manifest. How I want to live my life full of meaning that I’ve found, and ideas I want to manifest while I’m here. Connection to myself as I float seems to make me connect more externally too. 

I managed to not move at all for over 2 hours. After that point I had to readjust a few times. At the very end I began to get restless from not having got out, so I decided it was time. Checking my clock after I emerged, I got out 1 minute before my wake up time. Sometimes the body seems to know exactly when it’s time. 


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  1. I’ve wanted to try this for a while. Have you ever tried this while on any psychedelics?

    • This float in particular was on Kratom. I haven’t done a full dose in a tank as of yet of a psychedelic but I am planning on it when I’m ready

      • How do you find Kratom? Do you use it a lot? I imagine things could get pretty intense on LSD but it would be a hell of a ride. I’d love to try it. Are the float tanks expensive to use?

      • I use it from time to time. I find it very relaxing and slightly sedative for the body (there are some more alert strains). It was my first time in the tank with it and it was excellent.
        Ive microdosed a bit in the tank so soon enough I’ll move up from there haha

        Price depends on where you live, if you get a membership, if you buy a 3 pack, etc. I work at a centre so for me it’s freeee

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